Monday, October 4, 2010

Contact ME! ♥

Hello there!

 This blog is all about ways of contacting me!
One thing I Dislike is when our favorite bloggers, YouTube gurus, or anyone we follow does not make the effort to reply to their subscribers. 
Now i understand when u have 300+, 700+, or more than 1000+ subscribers it is Very hard to make time and reply to ALL the comments and questions.
But all I am saying is that they should definitely make an effort ; if only they knew how much it means to us to read a simple response :D
Sooo anyways... here are all the links to different ways all of you can contact ME :) 
I would be more than happy to reply.
Even a simple comment means the world to me!
*Working on getting makeup, nail art, and hair videos soon! :)

Thank you all soo much for following my blog and i would love to get to know all of you a little bet more!

Til' next blog!



  1. Yup I totally agree!! I try my best to reply to my chicas!!

    I ♥ ur blog...=)..your looks are freaking awesome!!

  2. I'm glad to hear you guys agree with me :)

    And thank u soo much MAKEUPJUNKIE88.. you're soo sweet! It means a lot to me!

  3. any time Mamas!! =)


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