Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Parent's 28th Anniversary

October 17th = My parent's Anniversary.
Went out to Olive Garden.. yummy!
Here are the pictures of what I wore and my makeup.
I love sharing all the special times with all of you.

Til' next time!
My parents.
Big sis and niece
Middle sis and ME :)
My delicious lasagna
Group picture #1
Group pic #2 (i took it)

My outfit... =D
Accesories :)


Hair flower

Only outfit picture taken :(



  1. I like the earrings! :) The lasagna at Olive Garden is so good!

    Bread sticks for the win! :)

  2. Toni Tralala- Thanks girl!
    Earrings 10 for $10 from Claires :D
    And yes their lasagna is sooo good!

  3. Pretty eye colors! :) Is your hair naturally curly like that? I remember back in 06 I permed my hair, and boy it was hella hard to take care of, some days I let it puff up and I can pass for a black beautiful woman! heheh

  4. *ms.angela89* - Thanks girl! and not curly at all! I wish.. at times.. :D
    really!? I had been considering getting a perm too...ha ha I can imagine !


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