Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Sunday ♥

Quick post just to share what a wonderful Sunday I had with my family, and of course my babby.
After being lazy all morning just watching movies in PJs we finally decided to get ready to go eat out.
We tried out a buffet called "Souper Salad" which has lots of salads.. (duhh! ) soups, pastas, tacos, and of course desserts.
I have to give it an 8 for price, food quality, and overall rate even though I'm not a big fan of buffets.
Have any of you guys tried it? Or anything similar?

Of course after we had to go for a walk somewhere... so we chose Santan Village Mall which is outdoors :)
Since the weather has finally cooled down we couldn't of asked for better.

Enough writing... here are some pictures of my outfit, makeup, and my lovely sisters.

Sun messed up our pic !

Got to love F21 ♥

Til' next blog!




  1. Im not a fan of buffets either. Great outfit, it goes well with the red lips and winged eyeliner. OMG -- your lashes are so long, what mascara are you wearing? Also what lipstick do you have one? Hopefully next time you can list the makeup you use. :)

  2. Miss ♥ Nikka - Thx a lot girlie! Yes I keep forgetting to list my makeup products... but thanks for reminding me ;)
    The mascara is Maybelline Falsies Mascara and it works amazing! I might do a review soon because after trying soo many it is by far my favorite♥.
    Lips are Revlon 'True Red' and lipgloss L'OREAL Infallible Plumping in '306 Plumped Red'

  3. WOW! OMG...what amazing look!
    Well done!

  4. I luv souper salads!!! and you look amazing =)

  5. You are gorgeous! I love your eyebrows and I'm jealous of your long lashes. :D

  6. MakeupJunkie88 - Kool! I'm guessing they have them all over the US :) and Thx sweetie!

    Tina Marie Awww thank you! That is so sweet! :) annnd I AM sooo lucky to be the only one in my family to have long lashes... weird!?

  7. Hey girl I left you a Blog Award on my blog.
    Check it out at

  8. i love this look on you! your face is flaaawless and i love your eyelashes. there so full

  9. Wow, Love your eyelashes. YOu are very pretty =D

  10. I like your hat! I've been looking for something like that! :) Great shades, by the way.

    Cute outfit! New follower here. :)

  11. Donna ♥ Baby & Aranza - Thanks ladies!
    Lashes have always been a plus!
    I've gotten soo many compliments ever since i started using the Maybelline Falsies Mascara.

    Toni Tralala - Thanks doll! My hat is from Target =D
    Thanks for following!


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