Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pitbull Show

Soo.. My boyfriend is really into Pitbulls
and every year they have a 'Pit bull Show' in the park right by my house... so of course we were there.
The show is all about different people that either breed or just own Pitts showing them off. They also have a competition where the put them in categories of the fattest, shortest, better looking and so on.
It sucks to see what a bad reputation these dogs have when they're just being judged by what people hear or what others of their kind have done in the past.
Here are some pictures so share how this shows are and some of the best dogs.

I know this is a different kind of post but I hope you all still enjoy it.
*No pictures of me or outfit were taken.
*Do you have any dogs? 
*If so what kind!?
*Have you attended any dog show?

Til' next blog!

Scary/unique eyes

My niece and sister
My BF and his cousin
Look at how fat/short he is!
Little girl pulling him ha ha

The judge (not scared at all!)
Look at his size!    

 This is my BF's new dog.

The end :)

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  1. aww, I've always loved your style but
    after seeing the nails I dug into your blog a little deeper and saw this.
    I love pits, One of mine passed away about 2 months ago, i blogged about it and I got a puppy a week ago. Pits are amazing. I would love to go to a show. Where is this at?


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