Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Car Show/ Drifting Competition and OOTD

This past Saturday was my 2 year anniversary with my babby!
Sooo.. we got tickets to go to this car show where they had drifting competitions as well.
We had a blast but were sooo tired by the end of the day.
I'm including my Outfit of the Day and of course Match my Kicks!
I hope you enjoy all the pictures!
Til' next blog!



Awesome car!
Car matches my room!
Happy Anniversary Baby!


  1. Cute get up! :) Very funky and fresh! Nice make up job.

  2. love the shoes :D and I wish I knew about events like that, I love seeing races and cars

  3. you looked Great, I love the colors. I wish I could pull those colors off (:

  4. luv it!!n oh hell yeah rockin' RUN DMC!!!!

  5. Toni Tralala- thanks girl! We gotta keep it fresh and funky! :D

    that BADass señorita- I love them too! I heard about this from a friend. Radio stations usually let u know about this kind of events!

    Ronesha- Thanks sweetie! You should try it out.. I love experimenting with colors!

    Cosmetics Aficionado- Thanks girl!

    ☮My☮Socks☮Never☮Match☮- Thx girlie! I looove all kinds of bangles! U can never have enough!

    MakeupJunkie88- u know it! RUN DMC :)

  6. I use to go to car shows when i lived in hawaii!! they were awesome!! makeup looks great!! xoxo


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