Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sick on a weekend... no fun! :(

Soo... this weekend I've been really sick... it must be this weather change.
I do live in Arizona and it's finally getting cooler.. buh bye 100+ degrees! :D
So lets just say there has been a LOT of sneezing, watery eyes, headache, throat hurting... etc... :(
I had no plans for the weekend so my sisters, bf, niece and I decided to go take a walk at the mall since they were all craving some ice cream!
Here are a couple of pics from my day.
I hope you like them :) 

*How was your weekend??!

Til' next blog!
Excuse my UNIQUE niece and her peace signs ha ha I luv her!

Shouldn't have ice cream when you're sick!

Ready... or NOT!?


  1. Love your outfit! Mad cute esp. your bow headband :)

  2. Ugh.. I get sick around this time too !( BOOoo

  3. ur outfit is sweet!!! ur niece is super cute!! =)

  4. Thank you for the compliments!

    miss D - Thanks girl! And it's actually a bandana, but u can't really tell :D

    Yuri- I know.. being sick sucks when you still have to work and do all the everyday things.

    MakeupJunkie88- Thank you :) and my niece is definitely a cute, fun little person. They grow too fast though :(


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