Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My way to celebrate 5 de Mayo

So here in Chandler, Arizona the city had a 5 de Mayo celebration this past Saturdday. What better than celebrating with Mexican music, dances, delicious food,  and Chihuahuas!
Yes... you read it right... they hosted a Chihuahua Race as well as a beauty pageant with around 150 chihuahuas.
The weather was almost 100 degrees so I didn't get many pictures because we left pretty soon.
But are some pictures so you can get a better idea...
Need Sunglasses?
They also had a small Car show...
Little princess walking around...
The End.

*Did you celebrate 5 de Mayo, If so what did u do!?
*Have you attended any type of dog show/race?


  1. Looks like you had a blast!!
    I LOVE your sunglasses!! I had some exactly like that but they broke and I can find any like that anywhere!! :(

    Oh and dude, you were so right about me not postiing a picture of the shirt.. how could I not include one!! SO i just added it :) just a quick lil picture :)

  2. Loving the sunglasses, they look great!

  3. Love your sunglasses chica. Omg I would have loved to see the Chihuahua race thats wild I cant believe they had that.

  4. whoaa chihuahua race? i have a chihuahua! LOL

  5. i love ur shades girl!! an it looks like you had fun an tell me about the heat its been burning here in texas!!

  6. I know pretty interesting Chihuahua races ha ha... I'm so glad I got to see them tho.. it was a great experience.

    Thanks 'LaBarbie0426' I got them at Burlington!


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