Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OOTD- Army Romper

Wanted to share my OOTD and makeup for this past Sunday.
I wore this to go out for Sushi with my love. Yummy :)
Hope you like it.
*Do you love dressing up rompers?
*Do you enjoy Sushi? What's your favorite?

Romper- Clothing Co
Necklace- F21
Earrings- Claire's
Shoes- Shiekh
Belt-TJ Maxx

On to the hair...
My lovely curls
 Now on to the make up :)
And the delicious Sushi as well as our wonderful view.
Viva Las Vegas Roll

The End.


  1. You look amazing! I seriously love everything... How did you do your eye makeup???

    ugh... and vegas roll is my favorite, i wish my hubby liked sushi lol

  2. very sexy!!! :) I love the eyes and your hair!!! Your bf is one lucky man!

  3. yummy sushi!! you look gorgous!! love the romper

  4. Very cute. I love the shoes!

  5. Cute outfit! & I love your hair and makeup!!

  6. Such a great post! You look great from top to bottom! I especially love the makeup :) Consider yourself followed! Please check out my blog, and feel free to follow me as well if you like what you see there! :)


  7. Loving the makeup! Cute outfit girl!

    Where did you guys go? That looks delicious!

  8. Awww.. I made sure and let my BF know about all your amazing comments.
    I was soo scared the first time I took him out for Sushi hoping that he would like it, and he LOVED it!

    For my makeup I had fun using all kinds of dark greens and golds, I made sure and use my ELF mineralized eye shadows.. and blend, blend, blend.


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