Monday, May 30, 2011

OOTD- Maxi Dress- my way!

On to my tiny curls...

BLOW dried hair!!! Al natural.

I finally got the courage to wear my first Maxi Dress.
I got to admit I felt veery strange in it, but I love how the look on other girls so I had to try it.
Who says us 'shorties' can't wear them, right!?
*Mirror pictures were the only ones I was able to take.

Let me know what you think.
I kept everything very casual and tried out a different type of curl using a 1/2 inch CHI curling iron.
A girl can never go wrong with a smokey eye ;)


  1. I love your makeup, it's gorgeous as always. The Maxi dress looks great on you, I love it, if you don't mind me asking, how tall are you? :)

  2. Aww, I think the whole look is very pretty, and well put together. I wore my very first maxi dress too a few weeks ago, and I looked better in it than I thought! I'm short too, about 5 feet even, and I still rocked it. The dress, hair, and makeup just ties with everything so well! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Love the makeup! And I recently wore my first Maxi dress too! i love them but bc im short i had no choice but to wear wedges. You look cute and the added accessories with it look great.

  4. I am loving your curls wow I am going to have to try tha curling iron that small it looks great, and the maxi dress is perfect on you. I love how you added the belt i do the same to keep it from getting poofie.

  5. Love it!! SOOO pretty!
    Im short too and I own 3 of them.. :)

  6. you look so pretty, love the hair and makeup...I wore my first maxi dress too this weekend and ehh I like the looks on others but can't say I was loving it for myself. Has to grow on me

  7. i feel the same way! im very scarred to wear one!! but i want to soo bad love the way you look very cute!

  8. it looks good! & the makeup is flawless, Im going to try and recreate your smokey eye look.

  9. Your makeup looks so hot and the maxi dress looks so nice on you! :D

  10. Wow... Thank you soo much for all your sweet comments girls.
    You definitely helped raise my confidence next time I wear another Maxi dress.
    Your comments really make my day.

    I'm so exited to hear many of you have a lot in common with me(starting with being around 5'2")
    ha ha

    If you want to talk to me via Twitter
    come find me

  11. you look amazing you look great the maxi looks perfect on you loving the make up !!!

  12. hi! just saw your blog!!
    you look soo PRETTY!!!

    love the makeup! love the dress!

    chiara :)

  13. you look like Kat Von D in your last picture =)


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