Friday, May 27, 2011

Cherry Blossom or Arizona Green Tea?

My ugly little matching toe nails... ha ha
Cherry Blossoms.
Or as my BF asked when he saw them... 
Arizona Green Tea nails?
Kool flower...(made out of a can)
Photo found on Google 


  1. lol.. Hes such a guy! lol.. They turned out soo cute! love them! :)

  2. Cherry Blossom! lol Your nails look super pretty :) I think it's so cute how your finger and toe nails are matching haha That flower made out of a can is really neat too! Thanks for sharing this post :)

  3. omg so pretty!! I love that Arizona drink :] how do you make that flower with that can? totally awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  4. omg that's so funny you posted this! I did a eye look last night inspired by this can :p cute nails:)

  5. love it! & the matching toes too.

  6. Oh my gosh, those are so pretty. I think Cherry Blossom fits better.. just because it smells amazing, haha.

  7. very pretty!! i love the flower you made :)
    im your new follower i hope you'll follow me back :)

  8. Aww... I'm so happy to see that all of you loved my new design.
    I've received soo many compliments at work that have made me like them even more.

    As for the pretty rose made out of the can, I did NOT make it...(I wish I had)... I just found the picture on Google.



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