Thursday, June 30, 2011

I can transform ya OOTD

On Tuesday night I took my lovely boyfriend Ronnie out on a date for his 22 bday (June 29th). Being an all time favorite to both of us I decided to take him to the midnight IMAX(3D) show of the new Transformers movie. Our experience was quite interesting. We stopped by Sonic on our way and arrived around 10:30p.m. thinking we were pretty early.
And this is what we faced...

A line of about 100 persons ahead of us. We were pretty shocked, but as the line started to get bigger, and bigger, and bigger to where we ended up being in the middle of it we felt wayyy better.
The movie was AMAZING. Lots of action, the awesome Autobots, and of course a great story. I highly recommend everyone to go see it sometime.

Of course I wore my Transformers t-shirt that I got for a present a couple years ago. I matched it with some red lips and super quick eyeliner.
For my hair I did some 10 minute curls and put on a matching headband.
And of course I had to rock my sneakers- Air Jordan 3's <3
I hope you enjoy this post and let me know what you think.

*Have you gone to any midnight shows for any movie?
*How was your experience and what movie did you watch?
*Do you love Transformers as much as I do?
Excuse the hairs...

I also wanted to share some quick pics (as if you haven't had enough, right? sorry!) of his birthday dinner at Buca di Beppo Italian restaurant.


  1. wow you really like transformers looks like you had a great time !!! I love how you accessorize all your outfits your too cute !!!

  2. I love Transformers!!!! I haven't watched it yet, but the bf and I are going this weekend. Can't wait. I love your Transformers shirt, I want one lol. You look amazing and drop dead gorgeous in both outfits. Happy Belated Birthday to your love, btw. :)

  3. I will definitely check the movie out....great couple.

  4. Aw so glad you shared this with us im surprised as well to see that many people lined up OUTSIDE since its hot out even in the evenings its a bit warm. I like the look so casual and cute. Happy Biday to your Ronnie!

  5. awwww you both look sooo cute and in love =) Love both of the outfits!

  6. Happy belated birthday to your boyfriend! I haven't watched Transformers, but I really want to! Shia Labeouf is super hot lol Man, I would have thought I was early too, and that line was crazy! I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves, though. I'm absolutely loving that outfit! <3

  7. Awww looks like you guys had a great time!! Love your makeup :)

    Fashion Rehab

  8. Hey Girl;
    I gave you an award on my blog
    check it out.
    I love your blog!!

  9. OMG super cute! i would soo rock that Transformers shirt! I love that cartoon still as an adult :) You look super cute :0 Love your OOTD :)


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