Monday, June 27, 2011

Top 10 Summer Essentials TAG

I was recently tagged by the lovely blogger Wifezilla for this fun Tag where you get to share your top 10 summer essentials.

So here are my TOP 10:

1. Rompers

2. Wedges

3. Beach Towel

4. Sonic Slush

5. Bronzers

6. Glasses

7. Summer Dresses
8. Bikini

9. Flower Clips and Updos
10. Sun blocks
I hope you liked my variety of items, I do live in Arizona so I gotta find ways to stay cool and still fashionable.
I now get to tag these lovely ladies and hopefully they share this with all of us too!


Curves ahead makeup





Miss ♥ Nikka

Donna ♥ Baby




  1. I love it. I agree with all of your picks. Thanks so much for tagging me love. I'll definitely do this really soon. :)

  2. love this list !!! omg thanks for your comment you totally made my day !!!

  3. Sweet!!! Love your list and thx for tagging me =)

  4. I love Flower Clips!!! my favorite. Thanks for stopping by...

  5. ooh thanks for tagging me love!! :) an i agree with everything at the moment i dont have sunglasses!! can you believe it :( my mom stepped on mine!! boo so finally today i feel better to actually get out of bed an go some where we are going to target i might pick some up! i filmed a video like this recently so ill post that up :)

  6. Hey just started following you, love your blog:) I live in Arizona too. It is so hot here isn't it? Anyway I like your top 10 summer essentials. Love wedges, summer dresses, bronzers, and definitely sun block! Little Petite Blog

  7. Oh i love your pick for the rompers and wedges.Very nice.


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