Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mexico- the Gold Cup Champions

Whether you like soccer or not i'm sure you all at least heard about Mexico being the 2011 Gold Cup Champions.
Being a proud Mexican of course I had to represent :)
Here's my version of the mexican flag.
Gooooo MEXICO.
Let me know what you think loves.
p.s.Did u watch the game?
What's your favorite team?
Have you ever gone to a live soccer game?


  1. Lol, I love your nails. I watched the game last night with my Dad and my nephew. I don't really watch soccer too often, but it's pretty simple to understand. I pretty much looked at it as a win-win situation lol. I'm Mexican-American, no matter what team won, Id be happy, but I'm more happy Mexico won lol. I'm proud to be Mexican too.
    And yea, I've gone to watch a soccer game before. My cousins, my brothers, and I took our Dad's for Father's Day a few years ago. It was I believe Mexico vs. Belize. It was fun. :)

  2. hell yea mexico all the way
    dos santos && chicharito <3
    love the nails btw

  3. Mexico Mexico rarara! I like your pulseras too. Very cute. Artiba las chivas! Jaja. I don't really have a fave team but I have been to a chivas game. Pretty cool.



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