Saturday, June 18, 2011

Despicable Me

With flash...
Do I need to say any more? <3
I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory.
I did google the topic for ideas so props to those whom I used the pics from...I believe there is a YT video on how to do them too.

One of my favorite movies...If u still haven't watched it I recommend it.
"It's sooooo fluffy!"


  1. I love your nails!!

  2. "It's so fluffy, I think I'm gonna die!" Ha, definitely one of my favorite movies for sure. I just love Agnes, I'd so adopt her if she was real lol. I'm definitely gonna have to try this out. It is just too cute. I love the minions. Great job Blanca. I think this just made my day. hehe :)

  3. OMG they're so cute I'm gonna die!!! :D I'm obsessed with minions! ♥

  4. I love the minions!! haha... super cute!!! love that movie! I can watch it all day!

  5. How in the world can you do your own nails like this? They are too cute, but I can barely paint my nails a solid color. You are so creative & I love your nails posts!

  6. Minions! Yes they are the cutest thing ever... I am absolutely surprised at the age variety that comments on these particular nails at work...(I'm a cashier at a bakery/restaurant)
    It sure makes me happy to know that you guys enjoy this kind of nail posts :)
    Pleaseee let me know of any requests you might have for me to do in the future... I would definitely do my best to please them.

  7. LOL omg, how cute!! I love those little minions


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