Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Steel manicure

Steel gray(right)Walmart, Black LA Colors(left)$1 store
Super simple french nail design for the fall.
All you need is:
  *color of your choice, in my case the Steel Gray.
  *dot making tool, 
  * thin brush nail polish.

First, paint the tip of your nails in a diagonal way, best way to do is simply doing one side, then the other.
Then using a thin brush nail polish start making the 2 lines on each nail following the diagonal pattern.
Finally, make 3 small dots with right next to the bigger line and finish off with a top coat.
*Sorry my nails aren't the best, I went to sleep right after finishing and 
I guess they weren't 100% dry      -_-


  1. I love that steel gray color it looks like Rimmel's Milk Chocolate shade its very classy and perfect for fall too with these designs.

  2. cute nails! thank you for the comment :)

  3. Love it I need a dotting tool nail polish like that very pretty.

  4. Love it I need a dotting tool nail polish like that very pretty.

  5. Wow super cute, I love the design, I'll def have to try it :)


  6. Thanks my loves... Dotting tool sure helps out A LOT... I need more ideas for Fall nails so I would love to receive any help.

  7. Love the crochet top. You nails are cute too.

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  8. I love this! my nails are too short for any kind of design. I'm trying to grow them out though. When I do, i am definitely going to try this.

    -Bianca at


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