Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentines Day & Special OOTD guest

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day with your loved ones. Even though its been like a couple weeks now I still wanted to share with you guys my outfit of the day since I really enjoyed seeing lots of posts from many of you on your outfits, dates, and presents.

For my BF I decided to make a 'personalized' basket; we're talking home-made rice crispies, favorite candy, chocolate of course, pj pants, sweater, new belt, customized card with our baby pictures, and a collage with a few of our special moments.
Looks way smaller than actual size..
We didn't have HUGE plans but we did go out to dinner to one of our favorite mexican restaurants with a lakeview called Valle Luna. I had to have one of my favorite non-alcoholic strawberry drinks .
And last but not least, my simple and comfortable OOTD. Perfect occasion to wear my Air Jordan Cement 3's matching with my baby.

My BF's OOTD ha ha

*Anaheim Angels New Era

Ecko Red Sweater
Levi's 501 Jeans & Air Jordan Cement 3's

The End.


  1. Youre Valentine gift basket is so thoughtful. I love the idea of baby pictures and a basket of goodies. Love how you posted both you of guys OOTD! I love your matching shoes, my bf and I have the same J's and we match also! =D

  2. Aww, I love the basket idea with the baby pictures. (: I made something similar for my boyfriend when we started dating for Easter lol. I filled up a basket with all of his favorites. He didn't even want to open it because he thought it was too nice to eat, then one day his brother's friends got drunk and ate everything inside. :o( lol true story. Anyway, thanks for sharing Blanca! (:

  3. awww such a cute couple <3
    great pics and u look super nice and cool

  4. Love your hand made gift to him it is so thoughful and you both look great. I love cute and comfortable outfuits that are still stylish that is what I go by as well.

  5. Aww I love your handmade gift... it was the sweetest gift I ever saw! And that was so cute you showed you and your BF OOTD! Great Post Love ;0)

  6. awww blanca u look so pretty :] I love the outfit especially the jordans. u and ur man make such a cute couple

  7. ahaha thats so cute how you have the same shoes! i wanna do that with my bf lol :D and omg your nails. i love it!

  8. Aww his and hers sneakers! I want those.. I have the 3s with the elephant and baby blue.. but those are fire.. XO

  9. Awww... it makes me sooo happy to see how much you guys loved my idea of a 'goodies basktet' :D
    If u haven't done something similar yet I would so recommend it :)

    Yes I was so exited to buy our matching 3's...



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