Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's Catch Up!

Well, where to start... First of all I want to tell you ALL thank you for following my blog... even though I've been absent for a while I really appreciate all your wonderful comments and just the fact you take a minute of your time to stop by and check out my blog.

One exiting new thing happening in my life is that I finally got a new phone!! after like 3 years or more ha ha... Since T-mobile had an awesome deal of FREE phones after rebate and I was eligible for an upgrade I decided it was time and got myself the MyTouch 4G and I love it sooo far.. So now I'm able to tweet (Follow me @blanca1018), blog, and lots more.

My bf's and my new case :)
Another awesome item I recently bought is my Juicy Couture purse that I had been wanting for the longest time. I love it.

Now on the bad side, I started having realllly bad tooth ache about 2 weeks ago to the point I had to miss work because the pain kept me up all night. I went to 'our best friend' the Dentist and found out I needed a Root Canal Treatment. That only sounds painful and expensive. We're talking about $1500 since I have NO dental insurance right now. The pain is mostly gone now and tomorrow I have the second part of the treatment and two weeks later I will be getting a crown.
To help you learn more about it in case you're interested

Well I hope to read lots of comments from all of you with any questions or concerns.
*Do any of you have the MyTouch? what do you like/dislike?
*Have you or anybody you know gotten a Root Canal Treatment? Do you fear dentist like I do?

Til' next blog,




  1. i have the g4 its pretty cool the best part is facebook on your phone and twitter ... but i love that you can download so many app whatever you prefer my most used apps are pandora and the game bubble buster and angry birds girl so addicting ... down side battery life sucks so keep your charger with you at all times ! hah

  2. What phone does your BF own? Are you both with Tmobile? I have the Bold and I'm ready to get rid of the BB it seems to be all about android phones and the iphone. I don't really get good service with tmobile here in Nashville, but trying to stay loyal.


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