Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My very first GIVEAWAY!- Closed

 It's Giveaway time!
With that said, let's start showing you the goodies that one of my lovely subbies will win!
Now on to the Questions: 
What do you need to do to have a chance to win!?

1. Of course follow my blog if you already haven't!
2. Follow me on Twitter @blanca1018
3. Leave me a nice, detailed comment with the following things:
*Favorite post from my blog, and Why? *title of it*
*What type of posts you like OR would like to see more of
A)nail art, B)makeup, C)outfits, D)diy, E)other
Email and/or Twitter link tocontact you if you WIN!

And finally,pass the word!
Increase your chance of winning by talking about my Giveaway on twitter or your blog,
don't forget to link back to my giveaway!
ENDs: March 30th!
 Of course I want to take this time to THANK everyone who takes the time to stop by my blog &
read/comment on my posts.
It really does mean the world to me because I never thought I would ever make it to 200+ subbies.
I still remember when I got my first 2 subbies, I was supppper exited telling everyone about it.
As I'm sure most of you can relate on how much blogging affects our daily lives, from the time
it takes to edit & take pictures to the time to visit other blogs & comment :)
So once again THANK YOU.
Don't be a stranger to me. I love meeting new people so tweet me, email me,
or whatever you want!


  1. Hello! i am a new follower on GFC and what an amazing giveaway!
    So far I absolutely love your blog, and I just love your "Sports Birthday Party/ Lakers Nails" Post. I loved the nails!! Good inspiration!

    I pretty much love anything nail or hair related :)
    GFC - Jara Christensen
    Twitter followeing as @accessintel

  2. my fav post would be The Metallic Look...because i really like how you look in this post, and the clothes you are wearing. usually i like brighter colors, and i like all these bright outfits you showed here, but this classy black look is my fav. it's really great that you try all these different looks
    so my fav post of our are these outfits post. i would love to see more of them

    GFC: Gintare
    twitter: Ginni_007
    email: gintare[dot]amber[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. I follow you GFC: TamaraB
    Twitter: beautyismaximus
    I love seeing your NOTD posts or anything with style posts. I would like to see more make-up posts about how you do your make-up. Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. My favorite post from your blog is feather earrings, because I like outfit and makeup in that post
    I would like to see more makeup
    gfc: mojemakaze
    twitter: @mojemakaze

    tweeted here:!/mojemakaze/status/180310380223012865

  5. Great giveaway! I love your blog. Thank you for this giveaway. Please enter me.
    I follow you through GFC - Segments Of Life
    twitter - @segmentsolife

    Favorite post: St. Patty's nails (even though it's hard to choose just one)
    type of posts I like: the eye makeup and nail posts are my favorite, and your DIY posts are crazy creative and fun!

    I tried tweeting it, but it wouldn't go through, but I'll try again later.


  6. Oh my! You are so generous! I love everything you included*_*

    I am your 300th GFC follower (Natiiii) WOOOHOOO <333 =)
    Favourite post: I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR nails here you are really gifted, gal=) Guess I'll have to do it for next Christmas:D
    I would love to see more DIY stuff, I just made my first diy the other day, US flag shorts with studs, I have to say I was so proud all day that i could do it:P i always love looking at other peeps creations, it really inspires me:)

    my email: balintnati(at)gmail(dot)com

    thank you so so so much, i would love to win so bad*_* fingers crossed:P

    good luck to everyone =)


  7. And I sprad the word on my twitter :)!/heysowhathey/status/180385515638505475


  8. . Of course follow my blog if you already haven't! i follow ur bloggy!!
    2. Follow me on Twitter @blanca1018: i follow u my twitter name is butterflyymami
    3. Leave me a nice, detailed comment with the following things: christmas eve i loved everything about that post ur makeup your outfit and looking at ur pictures of ur time with loved ones :)

    *What type of posts you like OR would like to see more of
    A)nail art, B)makeup, C)outfits, D)diy, E)other i love ur outfit posts!! you have great style
    Email and/or Twitter link tocontact you if you WIN!

  9. Followed you via GFC and Twitter already.

    I love your nail tutorial posts. I also would love to see make up posts from you.
    I love your post called Mint for lent. That was the best nail art ever, specially when the pastel is the trend. I like how u did that with trending color.


    <3 Una

  10. just stumbled across your blog and i must say you are really your blog..following you..would be glad if you follow me too..:)
    and do checkout my new post for sure..^__^

  11. I am new follower so I took a tour adn this is my thoughts
    love nail tutorial and lovelove effects on photos
    you r so creative and I am surprised of this black background :)
    kisses from serbia
    gfc Joka

  12. GFC: gaby

    I'm a new follower, too, but I already like it! I checked your previous posts and my favorite one is because you look so pretty and idea with the Lakers nails is so funny and great! :-) I would love to see some of the DIY's.



  13. My favorite posts are your nail tutorials. I would love to see more nail art.

  14. GFC Bebe

    Twitter @pllee88

    Email bebe03 (at) live (dot) com (dot) sg

    My favourite post is because the blue bunny is so cute. The blue and pink polishes make the fingers outstanding

    I like to see nail arts and makeup


    Blog sidebar

  15. What a great giveaway!

    My favorite post by you is the feather earrings.
    I love how you did your makeup and I loved the outfit you wore.
    It all looked so cute together.

    I like to see nail posts so I can get inspired =)

    I'll spread the word on twitter!

  16. GFC: Stephanie Jones

    i liked the The Metallic Look post.
    I like to see nail posts

  17. GFC: chaya bunny
    Email: vivienne.emmerich AT gmail DOT com
    Twitter: @chayabunny

    Mint for Lent and The Metallic Look are my fave! You seriously rock your outfits, I think you're totally gorgeous. <3

    I would love to see more outfit posts! You have a great sense of style and it's inspiring. :D

  18. Hi Blanca, thanks for great giveaway!
    your Playing with pastels post is my fav, I love that combination, great pics and it's really great to see that someone is really smiling (girls are often serious when taking pics)
    would love to see more posts like that one, and more about nail polish.

    twitter id: @tomel611!/tomel611/status/181431981777764355


  19. I followed your blog! Twitter @yestfl
    My favorite blog post of yours has to be the Funky Easter Bunny because the nail work is so cute. I loved the colors you used and the designs are so cute!You are so creative!!!
    I would like to see more nail art, but do a step by step guide, because I suck at anything artistic like that. lol

    I blogged about your giveaway:
    I tweeted too:!/Yestfl/status/181435212268453888
    Love xoxoxoxo

  20. Oh,, tell me it's international, please, please :(

    1. I follow as disincentive
    2. I follow as @fetadesu
    3. I'm new follower here, but I just read some of your posts, and I have to say I love the most "Funky Easter Bunny" How the hell were you able to do it so perfectly? : O You're a godness in nail art (or I'm just clumsy because I'm not able to paint them simply without painting my whole fingers)
    You have really big talent :3
    So I'd like to see more of your nail art! And DIY, because I love DIY a lot :D

    My email is

    Please answer me on my blog if it's international, because I got kinda excited ^^ Amazing giveaway.
    If you ever want to talk anyway, talk to me! Yay :D (I'm creepy, I know...)

  21. 1. Already following! - Aylaloveslife
    2. Following you on twitter here -!/Aylalive2laugh
    3. Leave me a nice, detailed comment with the following things:
    *Favorite post from my blog, and Why? I love your Feb. 19th post "the bow" I adored the outfit and I love how I can relate to your relationship with your man, that shadow picture is soooo cute!
    *What type of posts you like OR would like to see more of- I would definitely say nail posts!!! I love how ur ideas come out great and simple to do, maybe some nails tutorials?? :)
    My twitter link -!/Aylalive2laugh
    * check my twitter timeline to see my tweets!

  22. GFC: Lulu
    Twitter: @LuluFleg
    I love your outift posts, this is one of my favorites: and also the Neon Stuff ourfit was cool...Pastels and neon are my favorite trends this year)
    I'd love to see more makeup posts, because you seem to be a person who jnows a lot about it)
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  23. I also tweeted about this:!/LuluFleg/status/182393360517042176

  24. GFC: sarah

    twitter: @faitsarah

    I lovve this post of The Bow loove anything with booow and i'd love to see more make up reviews


  25. Great giveaway!
    gfc: nagrade
    twitter: @nagradne_igre
    I would like to see more nail art
    My favourite post is Pink and Black Zebra nail design / Blue rhinestones nail design because the nail work is awesome


  26. Thank you all for Entering my giveaway!
    Winner has been chosen! :)
    I'm so exited to let you all know.
    Stay touched on my next post I will reveal the name of the lucky one.


    BTW, Giveaway has closed.

  27. Any winner yet?


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