Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Organization TIPS!

Hello my lovely subscribers!

Here's a quick post to share with all of you HOW I try (and I try really hard) to organize my accessories.  I'm sure most of you can agree that dealing with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings... ETC!
Let's just say, it's not easy :)

If you want to try this out you will need a Label Maker machine, plastic baskets, thumbtacks, and a WHOLE day dedicated to organize, organize, and organize!

I hope you find this helpful and don't forget to comment with any personal TIPS of how YOU manage to stay organized!

$15- Local Tj Max, Ross,
Hanger attached
Purse holder found at Ana's Linens
I also used some thumbtacks for extra room
Now on to the makeup...
Small drawer found at Walmart
Labels for each one
Palettes on an envelope holder
Zebra bucket for $1 at Target
Bronzers and blushes
Side for headbands

It has wheels so I can easily move it to vacuum underneath
 moving on...
Plastic basket from the dollar store
Small earrings
Label Maker
Special THANKS to my boyfriend for giving me this as a gift. This has become one of my best friends since day 1, I found myself labeling absolutely everything! 
$30 at STAPLES
The end.


  1. I have that same pastic thing two of them and there not that cool my jewelry falls off all the time . Hope it works better for you :)

  2. Wow there was more picture lolol very cool man girl you have allot of stuff lol

  3. wow!!! at first I thought "this girl has all kinds of accessories!!!!" & then I saw some more as I was scrolling down... OMG girl!!!! u can ship some to me if you don't want some of 'em... LOL j/p!! I have the same hanger organizer & it was awesome until it got covered by some jackets... hahaha.. your room is like a candy store to me... I'd be droolin in there... hahaha

  4. Wow.. you have soo much stuff!! Look like we organize alot of things alike!

  5. Girl I can go shopping in your room for days! I have a shoe rack where I keep all of my stuff behind my door. I need that purse holder for my necklaces though... Thanks for the ideas.

  6. I've been doing the exact same thing! I can never find anything cuz I have too much stuff :) xo

  7. Great tips!:) I know how much of a pain is it to store lots of jewellery as i have alot!!!!!
    Please follow my blog :)


  8. great tips! Looks like you're topnotch when it comes to neatness :) <3 Love it!

  9. i love this! thanks for the tips :D very helpful

  10. I want a label maker soooo bad !

  11. I'm glad to see many of you found this useful to get ideas and even better than have similar organization tips.
    You guys really made me appreciate everything I have and for sure I would love to send out some of my stuff.. ha ha specially since I might be moving soon!


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