Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Nails #2 / Zebra/ Leopard

My sister's NEW YEARS nails

 My little cousin's (12 yrs) Leopard with a heart

My Niece's (8 yrs old) Zebra


  1. oooh I like the pink ones. I so wish I had a steady hand to do my nails.

  2. Did you do these nails?! Girl, do mine! I love it! Especially the pink leopard and blue wiith zebra stripes. Im going to this these out! I hope they turn out great like yours!

  3. Aggie602- Practice Practice! You'll be surprised.

    Miss ♥ Nikka- Yes i did! and i would love to do yours! Come to AZ :) i can't wait to see your version of these!


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