Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Sneaker Head"

Here are some pics from the beginning of my sneaker collection back in 2008.
No recent pictures have been taken,,, yet! :) Enjoy and don't forget to comment. i would love to hear about any collections you guys have! 
Til' next blog.
 Here are some other random pics taken by ME. :)
Peace, Love, Sneakers!
                      THE end.


  1. Aw nice sneaker collection! I remember I use to collect sneakers back in the day... i don't think i've bought sneaker shoes since '07!

  2. Awesome! I'm a sneaker head tOO! =)

    xo T

  3. that's soo cool. mine are rings and high heels.

    ps: i used to love wearing sneakers at one point, but now i only have like 4 pairs.

  4. Hey doll! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! I'm a new follower of yours now :)



  5. oh my god im so jealous. i honestly have like 2 paris of sneakers lmao. the rest are flats and stilletos.

  6. *Thank you ladies! I'm so glad to find other sneaker heads on here :) I think its great to have ANY kind of collection, whether its rings, heels, flats, etc.. :)

  7. u got some af1 i want. And those jordan 3s i want so bad!

  8. Nice collection! Especially those green & white dunks

  9. Whoooow that is one hell of a collection. Just found your blog today and thought i'd say hi x

  10. wow that is alot of runners...That would be makeup for me.

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  11. aww the dog is so cute! & u have some AWESOME shoes! ^.^

  12. Wow that's a lot of sneakers! You have a huge collection! Im jealous!

  13. I wished I had your sneakers! I love to wear sneakers but I just have around 5 pair at the moment.

  14. Thank you ladies for all the comments :)
    I'm trying to work on updated pictures of my collection hopefully coming soon!

    And for all of you who love sneakers, don't worry about how many pairs you have, love and rock each pair you own!:)

  15. OMG, looks like my Stiletto collection! aha...I love Sneakers too, but Im more of a High Heel kinda gal...I love all these pictures!! I have a friend who has a crap load of Jordans!! Thanks for sharing! xoxo


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