Monday, August 30, 2010

Missed me..? cuz i do! :)

Hey there girlies!
Soooo.. my laptop got a virus.. ugh! :O
And now i can't continue to post blogs...
I will be back ASAP
(getting laptop fixed already )
So please stay with me
and keep up the blogging!

p.s. California this coming weekend!! whoo hoo!!
Hope you all have a fun but safe Labor Day weekend.

Til' next blog!


  1. awww hope it gets fixed soon
    anyway i came across your blog~ just wanted to introduce myself..My names Andrea..Just started blogging! Would <3 if u could follow me back..Dont have much on my page yet just starting out~ so open 2 any feedback/suggestions

  2. HI! I use to hate when that happened it pauses your whole life!

    Im your newest follower! Yay!

    I am having a giveaway for a hair straightener if you want to check it out!


  3. Hey there! soo my laptop finally got fixed.. yay!
    now i have a bigger problem :( my camera got stolen/lost on my trip to California this past weekend!!!
    So now i can't take pictures for my blog.. boo!

    I'm working on getting a new one soon!
    Any suggestions on good, not too expensive, quality cameras?


  4. Hey Girly:
    Thats sucks majorly! nto too long ago I bought a Kodak easyshare and then a month later it suddenly stopped workin...I didnt wanna risk gettin another one and the same thing happening, so this time I got a Nikon Cool Pix and I LOVE IT! I got it for $130 at Walmart, and its deff better than a Kodak..Hope this helps!! xoxo

  5. HeKeLa: Awww that's a bomber! and i was actually debating on whether to get a Canon again or a Nikon... Since i did already know my way around the settings of the Canon i decided to go for that one. Thanks for the tip though! :) Great deal on that camera by the way.


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