Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zion & Lennox Concert annnd ME on stage!

Hello there my lovely subscribers!
I've been trying to get back into my blogging BUT it's been sooo hot here in Arizona that I find it hard to do OOTD's or even Makeup posts... yeah yeah I know that is NO excuse.
But anyways, this past Friday I went to the Zion & Lennox (reggaeton) concert with my boyfriend and some friends.

My experience was wayyy interesting than I ever thought. The tickets were only $20 general admission so we arrived super early and were first in line. Finally the doors opened and we bought a couple of drinks and were ready to go in the very front :)
*(can you see me in the very front??)*
 To our surprise they made us wait about 4 hours for them to even come out!
 So we waited... and waited...
It was extremely hot outside and we were all super desperate.

But in the meantime, the radio sponsoring the concert came out and asked who would like to win "Meet and Greet VIP Passes".
Since we were in the front of course we were yelling our lungs out MEEEEE! MEEE!
And guess who they chose...
Since I had a couple of drinks in me (not ever my usual) I got the courage to run on stage super exited only to find out they were going to make us DANCE to compete for the passes.
Just Great.
Even though I am latina and dancing is a huuge part of our culture, I'm still very embarrased to do it, specially on stage in front of such a huge croud!
My turn came and let's just say I did what I could ha ha...
I didn't win against the other girl just because ... let's just say she showed & shook booty a LOT MORE. But it was okay because who did end up winning showed...
***(excuse the picture but I just had to show how far people go)**
Yes she was wearing a skirt!
I felt sooo embarrased coming off stage. It almost made me regret even going...
At the end I felt a lot better after I realize how this world really is ALL about the "hootchie- ness" in girls out there. In other words whoever shows more wins the crowd.
This was definately an experience for me and I did get recorded by my BF of course... ha ha... I guess I can now look back and laugh.

Here are some extra pictures .
How close I was to them :D
 And I would love to hear your opinions, concerns or anything that you can think of!
Have YOU ever gone onstage anywhere!?
Do you know who Zion&Lennox are?
Here's a link to their most recent song if you're interested.


  1. omg!! your so lucky! I would have loved to be on state with them.... & yes its really sad how those girls show everything when they go on stage.

  2. Wow, you looked so pretty. You totally should've won. I'm not a fan of girls that act like that. I just don't get it. Why do you feel the need to degrade yourself and show it all, for some damn backstage passes? But whatever, to each their own right? I'm glad you kept it classy boo. :)

  3. How brave of you to go up on stage like that! I guess you partly have liquid courage to thank for that, hahaha XD And I'm glad that you were able to keep your dignity and you didn't do what the other girl did. Definitely not worth it. Sad how some people don't care though.

    And dang, 4 hours!? Woah, that's a long ass time!!


  4. well done for doing it!!! I went on stage and danced with Aventura when they came to London, this was prolly 10 years ago lol they wanted 'una gordita' to get up there and dance, SO I DID, after alot of shouting to get me up there, and it was awesome, however very embarassing, but the adrenalin rush got me through it, I even have pics of Romeo carrying me! at that time he wasnt as muscly as he is now, so imaginate!!! either way glady I didnt need to show no ass or coochie... i just had to be gordita lol lol ...

  5. What an experience atleast you tried and you were a lady

  6. reggaeton fan all the way :)
    you should come down for january
    The Calibash in LA is going to be the BEST ♥

    check it out :D


    Melina ♥


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