Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello Kitty

Who doesn't love Hello Kitty,
Well at least I DO.
Here are a couple of pics to show you all where you can find HK in my room.
Also, my new phone case finally came in...can you guess what it is?

And at last... a gift from an amazing person I met at work.
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Til' next blog!

Mints from the Candy Store

Sticker on my makeup drawers
On my BROTHER laser printer
On my Coastal Scents 88 Palette customized by ME
Hanging out by my glasses
On top of my dresser -All given to me by my niece
Collectibles - CLAIRE's

By my picture with Daddy Yankee :D
Corner of my closer mirror
1st necklace - Claire's
2nd necklace - eBay
3rd necklace - eBay
My new phone case - eBay
Hello Kitty purse
The detailed bow on it.


  1. AAHHHHH!! I love itt!!! I too LOVE hello kitty!! but like you said, who dosent!!

  2. Yes...who does't love hello kitty!?!?! Coz I do too! Those are cute collectibles!

  3. So cute! I am a Hello Kitty lover too.. Hautelook had a sale on HK bling a few weeks ago and I got the cuuuttest keychain and necklace - glitterized!


  4. So I am pretty much obsessed with hello kitty.. so I automaticly love your blog.. thanks for the sweet comment on my page.. I am a new follower to your blog as well.. Stay in touch :)

  5. ps. I added you under my "lovely blogs" so people can find your blog as well :) Hope you are having a good day! xx Liz Marie

  6. Oh!
    You have a lot of little Hello Kitties!
    So cute!
    I loved your customised Coastal Scents palette, and the phone case deffo rocks!!

  7. I'm soo glad to share the HELLO KITTY addiction with many of you! I will never be too old to love it!

  8. omg i love all ur hello kitty stuff! soo cute!
    looking foward to future posts!
    check mine out at


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